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Subjectaudio channel routinng in "Linux CD-ROM Standard"?
I was reading ``A Linux CD-ROM Standard'' of 12 March 1999
(/usr/src/linux/Documentation/cdrom/cdrom-standard.tex) in order to
understand how audio channel routing might be performed in this
standard. I don't see where it would be put in.

By "audio channel routing" I mean having the left channel routed to
the right (e.g. left monaural), or having the stereo channels come out
reversed. In looking at a CD-playing program xmcd, I see it has a
provision for a SCSI CDs to issue such a routing command, but when it
uses this protocol, it unconditionally disables this ability since it
doesn't seem to be part of the protocol. If you however enable
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDESCSI the routing can be set via the SCSI passthrough
ioctl mechanism -- but then why have a cdrom standard in the first

I don't know if this is the right place to direct inqueries as to the
future of this protocol. If this would better be directed elsewhere,
sorry, let me know where I should post a query. I sent a inquiry to
the email addresses in A Linux CD-ROM Standard and haven't heard back
from nary a one.

I am not subscribed to this forum, so I'd appreciate replies cc'd to

Many thanks.
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