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    SubjectLoopback (2.4.18)

    I'm trying to use "multiCD" to backup around 3 lots of 25GB of data in to
    handy CD sized images. The software is a perl script which uses a loopback
    mounted file on which a standard ext2 filesystem with data is written,
    etc. I'm sure everyone gets the idea. These then get scp'd/burned.

    Anyway, after about the 10th image the box starts having issues, which
    ultimately result in a hard reset and resync of a bunch of software RAID5
    arrays residing on it. The symptoms are as if it is not possible to fork a
    new process, though it is responsive to icmp, etc. I was advised
    previously to try upgrading to 2.4.18 in response to a previous (presumed
    to be vm issue) and so I did that just now with no luck. Generally the box
    is running fine on a daily basis, handles very high load and memtest86.

    Before anything else, can someone just let me know what the current status
    of loopback in 2.4 is - I know it was very broken originally but was then
    okish just prior to 2.4.17 at which point I am purely guessing it's not
    ok once more - perhaps I should keep different kernels for different tasks
    (yes that's meant to be a joke - it's probably only amusing to me...) :-)

    Kernel 2.4.18 (stock Linus kernel from, AMD 900MHz Duron CPU,
    1.5GB SDRAM (highmem enabled), various RAID5 /dev/md0-/dev/md3, reiserfs,
    NFS/Samba/Automounter/NIS/etc. etc. Just a fileserver really.

    I reckon I'm going to end up having to copy the data to another machine
    running 2.2 and run the backup from there - but first time for sleep...

    Thanks for any replies,


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