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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.7-dj1, add 2 help texts to arch/s390/
This patch adds two help texts to arch/s390/
The texts were obtained from ESR's v2.97


--- linux-2.5.7-dj1/arch/s390/ Fri Mar 22 08:52:11 2002
+++ linux-2.5.7-dj1/arch/s390/ Fri Mar 22 08:52:54 2002
@@ -169,3 +169,20 @@
a debugging option; you probably do not want to set it unless you
are an S390 port maintainer.

+ Select this option, if you want to use PFAULT pseudo page fault
+ handling under VM. If running native or in LPAR, this option
+ has no effect. If your VM does not support PFAULT, PAGEEX
+ pseudo page fault handling will be used.
+ Note that VM 4.2 supports PFAULT but has a bug in its
+ implementation that causes some problems.
+ Everybody who wants to run Linux under VM != VM4.2 should select
+ this option.
+ Select this option, if you want to share the text segment of the
+ Linux kernel between different VM guests. This reduces memory
+ usage with lots of guests but greatly increases kernel size.
+ You should only select this option if you know what you are
+ doing and want to exploit this feature.

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