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    SubjectRe: Linux v2.5.52
    > > Trying to track two seperate source tree's isn't as easy as you might think.
    > In fact it's not difficult at all with a proper SCM, a bit of care and the
    > right attitude. I merge the changes from XFS (and about half a donzend
    > XFS-related repositories inside SGI that all need proper merging / keeping
    > in sync) to Linus all the time. And by keeping the changesets (or atomic
    > commits in SVN terminlogoy) as one patch each, hand-editing as needed when
    > merge conflicts arrive that works very well, even if I had been away and
    > the changes for four weeks need merging or as now we're five patchlevels
    > away from Linus tree (at 2.5.47). I've not lost a single upstream change
    > with that merge policy yet.
    > And no, that's no BK advertisment, SGI uses a RCS-based SCM internally and
    > I use unfied diffs to get it into a staging repository for Linus to pull.

    When someone pays me to work fulltime on Linux1394, I'll give it that
    much time. Until then I have to make due with what time I have. If I
    miss things because people would rather send patches to Linus than me,
    it isn't my fault, but I'll do my best to fix it up.

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