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    Subject[OT] Last Chance to comment on Microsoft Settlement
    The DOJ's proposed settlement, which could have a serious
    negative impact on the open source and linux community,
    will probably go into effect unless enough people argue against it.
    The deadline for commenting on the proposed settlement
    is *this Monday*. If you have any interest in the
    issue, and have not yet written the DOJ to comment, I urge
    you to do so *now*.

    For a fine call-to-action, see

    Or, if you're on the Microsoft side, visit
    They make you register before they'll tell you
    how they want you to help, but they do sell
    a cool 'Freedom to Innovate' t-shirt
    ( ;
    note the tasteful use of the American flag).

    I've put together a site about the proposed
    settlement and reaction from the press and the Open Source
    community (at )
    and an open letter to the DOJ
    ( ).
    I invite US citizens and residents (unfortunately,
    the DOJ will probably ignore comments from outside the US)
    to join my open letter; instructions for joining are at the
    top of the letter. I'll be sending it in first thing
    Monday morning.

    - Dan
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