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    SubjectRe: [STATUS 2.5] January 17, 2001
    Em Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 02:13:11AM -0500, Guillaume Boissiere escreveu:
    > o Started More complete NetBEUI and 802.2 net stacks (Alnaldo C de M)



    Good work! I must add:

    o Ready Per network protocol slabcache and sock.h cleanup (Arnaldo)
    o WIP Per fs slabcache and fs.h cleanup (Daniel/jgarzik)

    About the 802.2 net stack: its mostly ready, its being used by the
    linux-sna folks but I've stopped work on it for a while (Jay is also busy
    with other things right now) to work on the sock cleanup and on a wireless
    driver (stopped now for a while, will merge other drivers available for the
    planet wirefree pcmcia driver) and to help in the BIO scsi drivers conversion

    About the NetBEUI stack, it mostly works but its not SMP safe and its still
    not in a good shape IMHO).

    I'll probably be submitting the per network protocol slabcache/sock.h
    cleanup to DaveM RSN.

    - Arnaldo
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