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SubjectShutting down NFS
Hello Jesse,

Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 4:42:48 AM, you wrote:
JP> On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, VDA wrote:
>> killall5 -15; sleep 2; killall5 -9:
>> 1st run - nothing
>> 2nd run - nfsd dies
>> 3rd run - lockd/statd die
>> (This is strange. Complicates shutdown script)

JP> You are using 2 second delay, which might be a bit short, but not unreasonable.

I have tested this not by shutting down my system but by running a
test script, watching "ps -AH e" after each run.
After first run of "killall5 -15; sleep 2; killall5 -9" NFS daemons
DON'T die at all. After second run only nfsd dies. Only third run
kills lockd and statd. It does not matter how long I wait between
runs. (however I didn't wait for minutes. Do you want me to try it?)
Am I supposed to do the same in shutdown script, i.e.

killall5 -15; sleep 5; killall5 -9; sleep 5
killall5 -15; sleep 5; killall5 -9; sleep 5
killall5 -15; sleep 5; killall5 -9 ?

This looks ugly and total sleep time is 25 sec.
A better way is to make NFS daemons understand what user wants after
first call, not a third.
Best regards,

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