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    Subject2.4.x crash Siemens mainboard 512+ ram

    trying to solve a problem here:

    Siemens Mainboard S26361-D with Intel Chipset (having some extra
    features for beeing used rackmounted / in cabinets), currently running
    with Intel P-III 933MHz and 512 MB Ram.

    As soon as i try to upgrade Ram to something more than 512 MB the
    kernel crashs while booting, right after unpacking its image or a
    little bit later after detecting ide-devices.

    Now i tried to install 768 MB in 3 x 256 MB 133MHz ... (same results
    with 3 x 512 or 2x256 + 1x128 - simply anything above 512)

    Kernel 2.4.6-ac2:

    - kernel unpacks and detects 770xxx KB Ram (768 MB)
    - it shows 4 rows of hash table informations and hangs, the last line
    is about "Page-cache hash table", then deadlock.

    Kernel 2.4.2:

    - kernel boots up until it detects the ide-devices, showing ide0 with
    its information, ide1 with its information, then it stands still,
    deadlock, before it can show the partition informations

    Another try with 2.4.2 does a kernel Oops 0002 at the same point.

    Siemens does not to provide any information on the mainboard, i didn't
    find any newer bios version i could try, nor did i find any more
    information about crashing kernels with installed 512+ MB with these
    kind of problems i've got here.

    Someone has an idea, what i could try to do or try to debug, to get
    more information on this? I'm willing to really work hard on it :)

    Thank you very much for reading.


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