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    SubjectRe: Microsoft and Xenix.
    Rob Landley <> writes:
    > That would be the X version of emacs. And there's the explanation
    > for the split between GNU and X emacs: it got forked and the
    > closed-source version had a vew years of divergent development
    > before opening back up, by which point it was very different to
    > reconcile the two code bases.

    No, sorry, wrong, for at least a couple of reasons reasons:

    1) XEmacs, being constrained to be under the same license (GPL) as
    its progenitor, GNU Emacs, could never have been closed-source.

    2) Lucid Emacs, the version of Emacs that becamse XEmacs, was not
    started until ca. 1992

    I refer you to for
    documentation---JWZ was Mr. Lucid Emacs for quite a time.

    In 1987, there are any number of things that it could have been---I'd
    guess either Unipress Emacs or perhaps Gosling Emacs.

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