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    Subject[UPDATE] Directory index for ext2

    - Freshen to 2.4.5
    - EXT2_FEATURE_COMPAT_DIR_INDEX flag finalized
    - Break up ext2_add_entry for aesthetic reasons (Al Viro)
    - Handle more than 64K directories per directory (Andreas Dilger)
    - Bug fix: new inode no longer inherits index flag (Andreas Dilger)
    - Bug fix: correct handling of error on index create (Al Viro)


    - More factoring of ext2_add_entry
    - Fall back to linear search in case of corrupted index
    - Finalize hash function

    The patch is available at:

    It requires Al Viro's directory-in-pcache patch:

    To apply:

    cd mysource/linux
    zcat ext2-dir-patch-S5.gz | patch -p1
    cat dx.pcache-2.4.5 | patch -p0

    To create an indexed directory:

    mount /dev/hdxxx /test -o index
    mkdir /test/foo

    No known bugs, please test, thanks in advance.


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