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SubjectQuestion about console driver switch

I am porting a serial driver on my MIPS board and have to provide support
for serial console. After going thru the initialisation sequence: Looks
like in the initial stages before the interrupts and memory is set up; a
serial driver is set up by some brute force method in the function
serial_console_init() and the write function address is registered to the
printk module. After interrupts and memory are available; the old
memory(and hence the old UART driver) is freed using init_freemem() and
full-fledged UART driver is setup.

Now the doubts are:
(i) After the old serial driver is thrown out using init_freemem and new
driver is installed; register_console() is not invoked again. I tried
printing the address of the write function in printk and they remain the
same. Now how does printk start throwing out the messages using the new
(ii) Does init_freemem free both text and data? If so should care be taken
for including code before free_initmem is called?

Since I do not belong to this mailing list; It would be nice if I am replied
back to my official e-mail:

Thanks in advance


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