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    SubjectRe: Dead symbol elimination, stage 1

    > -# CONFIG_MTD_SBC_MEDIAGX is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_ELAN_104NC is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_SA1100 is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_DC21285 is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_CSTM_CFI_JEDEC is not set
    > # CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC is not set
    > # CONFIG_MTD_MIXMEM is not set
    > # CONFIG_MTD_OCTAGON is not set
    > # CONFIG_MTD_VMAX is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_NAND is not set
    > -# CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SPIA is not set

    Please don't. People using some of these embedded architectures need to
    update to the latest MTD code (which includes those options) anyway, and I'm
    hoping to merge that all into 2.4 shortly.

    They're not doing any harm, are they?


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