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    SubjectKernel Summit info?
    One of the reasons I read the kernel mailing list is that it's educational
    and fascinating to see the discussion between the kernel developers.

    This weekend (including today) many of the well known Linux developers are
    at the kernel summit meeting.

    I'm sure that having a face to face meeting like that is a great way to get
    a lot of work done quickly, and make some of the difficult decisions. I
    don't begrudge the developers for having a meeting like that. I don't even
    mind that it's invitation only. That was probably the only efficient way to
    organize it.

    However... for those of us who are curious, is there a web site somewhere
    with information about the goings-on? What would be really nice is web cams,
    or a RealAudio feed from the meetings.

    Is anything like that available? I'm really hoping that some of the people
    present at least post summaries about what the topics of discussion were,
    what options were looked at, and what decisions were made. Are any
    journalists there?


    Torrey Hoffman

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