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    SubjectFile server FS?
    We are about to build a fairly large (720GB) file server using Linux.  No 
    sane person would actually want to watch this thing fsck, but I've seen
    mixed reports about the functionality of the journaled FSes.

    Specifically, I need support for
    * KNFSD - it is a file server, afterall
    * LVM - For snapshots and to add space later
    * Resizing - See last point
    * Quotas - Eventually, but we don't need it just yet

    Which, if any, of the journaled FSes support these?
    Which one should I go with for a wide range of file and directory sizes?

    I have no desire to wipe and restore 720GB of data, so we're pretty much
    stuck with what we launch with.

    -- Brian
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