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Subjectpegasus driver in 2.4.0, performance
Thank you for supporting the pegasus USB chip under Linux.

I am using a Linksys Etherfast 10/100 USB network adapter on a Dell
Inspiron 7000 laptop (Celeron 366, 128Megs of RAM, etc.)
Why? My 3COM PCMCIA network dongle got damaged recently so I've
downgraded to this USB adapter for now.

I've observed that when using ftp, transferring a file from a server to
the laptop with a 100Mb hub yields ~450Kbytes per second of throughput.
Under Windows 2000 on the same hardware, same file, same ftp server, the
transfer gets ~700Kbytes per second of throughput. This is the only
network speed benchmark I could think of, and seems to be a reasonable
indicator of network performance. Therefore, I'm assuming the
performance observed under FTP applies to other network applications as

This is the only USB device connected to the laptop.
I know USB devices are currently very bandwidth limited due to the
12Mbps specification of USB version 1.
However, it seems that Windows 2000 is yielding significantly better
performance from this adapter than Linux 2.4.0 is.

Are there known performance problems under Linux with the pegasus chip
and USB?


Jeff mcWilliams

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