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    SubjectCleaning up drivers/net (was Re: Move of input drivers...)
    [CC list cut to l-k]

    Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > Right now, drivers/net is pretty horrible, for example, and we've started
    > separating things out a bit (ie drivers/net/tulip, drivers/net/pcmcia etc


    > I'm eager to add new directories if they help make for finer-granularity
    > hierarchy.

    Might be able to help the drivers/net case a bit:

    /mnt/2400-t7-p7/linux/drivers/net> grep -l 8390 *.[ch]|wc -l

    Some of those may not actually use the 8390.c core - but say at least 25
    could be put into drivers/net/8390/ - comments?

    Note that a for such a dir wouldn't be good as entries make
    more sense where they are (e.g. entry for 3c503 belongs with 3Com cards,
    vs. asking user if they want to pick from list of 8390 based cards when
    nobody outside this list has a clue what an 8390 is & what cards use it).


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