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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?

# No backups then?
# No find . | cpio -pdv /dest?
# Are you sure?

No backups of the EAs/extra forks/streams/whatever, no. Which was the
point made several times about EAs already - the fact they could be 'lost'
by unmodified utilities. (Likewise, I made the point that modified
versions of the utilities would be likely to appear some considerable time
before any applications started really utilising the features).

This is no different from..

C:\> echo foo > foo.txt
C:\> echo bar > foo.txt:bar


$ cd /mnt/nt4
$ tar cvf foo.tar foo.txt
$ cd temp
$ tar xvf ../foo.tar


C:\> cd temp
C:\temp> type foo.txt
C:\temp> type foo.txt:bar

[ snipped - I'm not sure whether NT whinges about the file not existing,
or some different kind of message, or whatever - I don't have an NT system
to hand, so I couldn't say ;) Either way, the point is the same ]

Mo McKinlay Chief Software Architect inter/open Labs
GnuPG Key: pub 1024D/76A275F9 2000-07-22 Mo McKinlay <>

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