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SubjectRe: a joint letter on low latency and Linux
On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

>> take 500msec. If printk() wants guarantees about being able to print
>> any time, whole fbcon has to be cli-ed even for normal
>> operation. Ouch.
>> Or we could give something up. Like giving up printk altogether [not
>> good] or declaring that printk is emergency-only and may mess up
>> screen.
>We actually sort of do the latter for text console - it is less likely
>to occur but can happen. Do a printk() in a tight loop and you'll see the
>console sometimes jump maybe 40 characters to the right then jump back

Does it during scrollback at 132x43 sometimes too. And some characters near
the right side of the screen flicker during a full page 'less' like they're
switching between two other characters every scan. I just thought the
console code had problems.

-George Greer

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