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Subjectkernel panic in linux-2.4.0-test5
Hi folks,

In booting a linux-2.4.0-test5 kernel, I get a kernel panic exactly when
httpd (Apache 1.3.12) is fired up. If I skip httpd, the machine comes up
just fine. The error message is:

Kernel panic: Attempting to free lock on active lock list

FWIW, this machine is an Athlon FIC-SD11 with 256M of RAM with SCSI disks.

I'm very unskilled in kernel hacking, but wanted to run one of the 2.4
kernels to use the USB driver. If anyone could suggest further steps I could
take to track down this problem and possibly provide useful information for
bug fixing, I'm all ears.

Please reply directly to me as I'm not on the linux-kernel mailing list.


Andy Turk
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