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SubjectError rebooting - no automatic removal /proc...

This is on a RedHat 6.1 system. Actually it's on two RedHat 6.1
systems. Both are behaving the same.

This just started happening to me since about 2.3.50 and is present
in 2.3.99pre2. When I now reboot the system it proceeds fine until it
reaches "Unmounting file systems". I get a green "Ok" and then the system
pauses for a few seconds. Then I get the error "No automatic removal.
Please use umount /proc". Trouble is, that's what the S01reboot script
should be doing. Then I get the message "INIT: no more processes in this
run level" and the reboot hangs. I then have to manually reset the system.

This seems to have occured coincidentally with having to mount
the /var/lib/shm stuff but unmounting it before unmounting the other
file systems has had no effect. I also have devfs mounted in another
spot and usbfs mounted but, again, unmounting them has no effect on the
error message or the reboot hang. All of this was working with previous

I have separate /, /usr, /var, /usr/local, and /home partitions, and
I'm using autofs to mount nfs file systems from other systems, if that makes
any difference.


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