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    SubjectRe: Capabilities

    On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Peter Benie wrote:

    > Filesystems without capabilities will exist for a _long_ time, and
    > people will want to be able to use them for setuid root programs. How
    > about diskless clients mounting their root filesystem over NFS?

    Two options: a wrapper, or modify the suid progs to use libcap. Neither
    quite have the elegance of proper fs support though :-/

    > I haven't really figured out what the bounding set is for. It doesn't
    > seem to do anything that couldn't be done trivially by using wrappers
    > in inittab to remove capabilities from the inheritable set a la Irix.

    I think the inheritance mask is applied _before_ any forced capabilities
    on a binary take effect. So you need a system wide catch-all so you can be
    confident about your bounding set without having to trawl the disk.

    > And I'm puzzled by the capabilities given to init. Why doesn't init
    > run with all capabilites? cap_setpcap is a subset of cap_sys_admin
    > (because of mknod and /dev/kmem) so I see no point in not making
    > setpcap inheritable from init.

    I believe that's to discourage use of cap_setpcap rather than it being
    perceived as "too powerful". Andrew Morgan had some strong reasons for
    this, I'll see if I can dig them out of my mail bucket.


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