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    Subjecttest13-pre4 ip defrag oops
    Just got an oops uner test13-pre4 when I tried to access a new nfs
    export. Looks like the ip defrag monster doesn't want to go away =)

    ksymoops 0.7c on i686 2.4.0-test13-pre4. Options used
    -V (default)
    -K (specified)
    -L (specified)
    -o /lib/modules/2.4.0-test13-pre4/ (default)
    -m /usr/src/linux/ (default)

    No modules in ksyms, skipping objects
    Oops: 0000
    CPU: 0
    EIP: 0010:[<c01f66de>]
    Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
    EFLAGS: 0001022s0246
    eax: 20202037 ebx: d3a406c0 ecx: cf683024 edx: c734a2a0
    esi: 00001720 edi: c880a180 ebp: 00001158 esp: d37fdcb4
    ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
    Process nfsd (pid: 514, stackpage=d37fd000)
    Stack: c734a2a0 00000000 000026bc 0101a8c0 00000014 00000000 c01f6a73 c734a2a0
    c880a180 d2ce9360 c880a180 00000008 d37fddc0 11ac2800 20202037 d58d587f
    c880a180 d58d787c d37fddb0 00000003 d58d4aad c880a180 d58d787c d37fddb0
    Call Trace: [<c01f6a73>] [<d58d587f>] [<d58d787c>] [<d58d4aad>] [<d58d787c>] [<c01f8e98>] [<c01f8e98>]
    [<c01f1737>] [<d58d34e0>] [<c01f8e84>] [<c01f14dc>] [<c01f8e84>] [<c01f8e84>] [<c01f1737>] [<c01f8e84>]
    [<d580787c>] [<c01f858f>] [<c01f8e84>] [<c020c1ac>] [<c0142c41>] [<c01f869e>] [<c020c1ac>] [<c0124075>]
    [<c020c605>] [<c020c1ac>] [<c0211436>] [<c01e7c55>] [<d58980a3>] [<d5898535>] [<d5899276>] [<d58bf8a0>]
    [<d5897cd9>] [<d58bf748>] [<d58b0369>] [<d58bf740>] [<c01074cc>]
    Code: 8b 40 3c 8b 4c 24 1c 89 41 3c 27 47 18 00 00 00 00 8b 47 5c

    >>EIP; c01f66de <ip_frag_queue+206/25c> <=====
    Trace; c01f6a73 <ip_defrag+b3/130>
    Trace; d58d587f <END_OF_CODE+155d2b4f/????>
    Trace; d58d787c <END_OF_CODE+155d4b4c/????>
    Trace; d58d4aad <END_OF_CODE+155d1d7d/????>
    Trace; d58d787c <END_OF_CODE+155d4b4c/????>
    Trace; c01f8e98 <ip_finish_output2+0/bc>
    Trace; c01f8e98 <ip_finish_output2+0/bc>
    Trace; c01f1737 <nf_hook_slow+7f/100>
    Trace; d58d34e0 <END_OF_CODE+155d07b0/????>
    Trace; c01f8e84 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
    Trace; c01f14dc <nf_iterate+30/8c>
    Trace; c01f8e84 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
    Trace; c01f8e84 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
    Trace; c01f1737 <nf_hook_slow+7f/100>
    Trace; c01f8e84 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
    Trace; d580787c <END_OF_CODE+15504b4c/????>
    Trace; c01f858f <ip_build_xmit_slow+3b7/478>
    Trace; c01f8e84 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
    Trace; c020c1ac <udp_getfrag+0/c4>
    Trace; c0142c41 <iget4+45/cc>
    Trace; c01f869e <ip_build_xmit+4e/2fc>
    Trace; c020c1ac <udp_getfrag+0/c4>
    Trace; c0124075 <add_to_page_cache_unique+f5/114>
    Trace; c020c605 <udp_sendmsg+351/3cc>
    Trace; c020c1ac <udp_getfrag+0/c4>
    Trace; c0211436 <inet_sendmsg+3a/40>
    Trace; c01e7c55 <sock_sendmsg+69/88>
    Trace; d58980a3 <END_OF_CODE+15595373/????>
    Trace; d5898535 <END_OF_CODE+15595805/????>
    Trace; d5899276 <END_OF_CODE+15596546/????>
    Trace; d58bf8a0 <END_OF_CODE+155bcb70/????>
    Trace; d5897cd9 <END_OF_CODE+15594fa9/????>
    Trace; d58bf748 <END_OF_CODE+155bca18/????>
    Trace; d58b0369 <END_OF_CODE+155ad639/????>
    Trace; d58bf740 <END_OF_CODE+155bca10/????>
    Trace; c01074cc <kernel_thread+28/38>
    Code; c01f66de <ip_frag_queue+206/25c>
    00000000 <_EIP>:
    Code; c01f66de <ip_frag_queue+206/25c> <=====
    0: 8b 40 3c mov 0x3c(%eax),%eax <=====
    Code; c01f66e1 <ip_frag_queue+209/25c>
    3: 8b 4c 24 1c mov 0x1c(%esp,1),%ecx
    Code; c01f66e5 <ip_frag_queue+20d/25c>
    7: 89 41 3c mov %eax,0x3c(%ecx)
    Code; c01f66e8 <ip_frag_queue+210/25c>
    a: 27 daa
    Code; c01f66e9 <ip_frag_queue+211/25c>
    b: 47 inc %edi
    Code; c01f66ea <ip_frag_queue+212/25c>
    c: 18 00 sbb %al,(%eax)
    Code; c01f66ec <ip_frag_queue+214/25c>
    e: 00 00 add %al,(%eax)
    Code; c01f66ee <ip_frag_queue+216/25c>
    10: 00 8b 47 5c 00 00 add %cl,0x5c47(%ebx)


    Mohammad A. Haque

    "Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Project Lead
    Don't drink and derive." --Unknown

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