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    SubjectRe: CPU attachent and detachment in a running Linux system


    >> I still wonder what you and other people think about the idea of an
    >> interface where the parts of the kernel with per-cpu dependencies should
    >> register two functions...
    >Why not compile kernel with structeres big enough for 32 processors,
    >and then just add CPUs up to the limit without changing anything?

    That's a good point and it would probably work for attachment of cpus, but
    it won't work for detachment because there are some data structures that
    need to be updated if a cpu gets detached. For example it would be nice
    to flush the per-cpu cache of the detached cpu in the slabcache. Then one
    has to think of pending tasklets for the detached cpu which should be
    moved to another cpu and then there are a lot of per-cpu data structures
    in the networking part of the kernel.. most of them seem to be for
    statistics only but I think these structures should be updated in any
    So at least for detaching it would make sense to register functions which
    will be called whenever a cpu gets detached.


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