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Subject2.2.14 SIGBUS
I've been getting processes SIGBUS'd on my root-NFS'd firewall.  The
cause seems to be NFS related or knfsd related. I've tracked the
problem throughout the mm layer on the client by following printk's:

filemap_nopage: readpage 1 (c0046c24) failed
do_no_page: vma->vm_ops->nopage (c00290d4) failed
do_page_fault: killing sshd(560) indicates that these addresses are:

c00290d4 t filemap_nopage
c0046c24 t return_EIO

So the inode has been marked bad.

I've been able to reproduce it by keeping the NFS server busy while the
client does a recursive ls on an NFS mount from this server, and
repeatidly doing 'ssh client ps aux' until it breaks.

Once it breaks, then that's it - it will always send a SIGBUS to the
processes, and the only way out seems to be a reboot of the client.

The server is running 2.2.13, knfsd, with the nfs-utils-0.1.5 package.
I've recently upgraded the client to 2.2.14, and noticed this problem.
Tomorrow, I'll try backing down the client to 2.2.13 and re-testing in
the same way (update will follow).

I have a feeling though that 2.2.13 will behave similarly, which would
point to knfsd as the cause.
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