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SubjectRe: 2.2.12 oddity...
Hi Riley,

> Note that this doesn't cause any problems of itself, which is why I've
> labelled it an oddity rather than a bug. It's just me in cat-killer
> mode, suffering from too much curiosity...

Ok I see it in 2.3.16 as well, net/econet/econet.c gets compiled
every time.

It's because the filename matches net/%/%.c and that winds up depending
on 'dummy'. In other words, Rules.make is reserving certain names and
patterns and net/econet/econet.c happens to step on one.

Extra compilation doesn't bug me; *missing* compilation bugs me; so I
am going to leave it here.

You can do this to get a trace log:

(make -d vmlinux subdirs=NET 2>&1) | less


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