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    SubjectRe: Huge patches such as ISDN
    On Tue, Aug 24, 1999 at 04:02:38PM -0700, M Carling wrote:
    > > Then you should try to stay in
    > > sync with other developers, otherwise things go bad. Unfortunately (and for
    > > reasons that have already been discussed) this has happened to the ISDN
    > > project.
    > > Now this has to be solved.
    > > Somehow the current ISDN CVS code has to be sync'ed with the kernel.
    > Agreed.

    OK. It's good to have consensus here at least.

    > > Do you really think it would be best to split the diffs up into a
    > > lot of small pieces?
    > I didn't suggest that it should.
    > > And you don't expect the ISDN developers to throw away their one year's work
    > > and start from scratch, do you?
    > No. I didn't suggest that they should.

    Sorry, if I misinterpreted your message that way.

    > > Your request is very valid, though, once the initial large patch has been
    > > merged. You should not allow to loose sync again, then.
    > You seem to miss my point. We agree that there is a huge patch which
    > needs to be merged. The only question is when. I suggest that the safest
    > time to merge a huge patch is at the beginning of a development kernel
    > cycle.

    Well, and you ignored me telling that I agree that the huge patch has not
    gotten as much review as is should.
    But, I think, that it has gotten a lot of testing, which makes the risk of
    putting it into 2.3.15 close to zero.

    I think it would be very frustrating to both ISDN developers and users to
    have the ISDN merge delayed again. Probably, they did not watch l-kernel
    well enough to realize 2.3.1x is not the beginning of a development cycle.
    2.1.1x would have been ...

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