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SubjectRe: 2.2.11: Complicated memory leak...
Frank Horowitz <> said:
> Alan Cox, referring to to Harald Dunkel's response to my original
> posting, wrote:
> > > After about 5 minutes or so ypbind, getty and other important jobs
> > > die with 'out of memory'. Only the reset button helps.

> >Next question. Is everyone seeing this using gcc 2.95

> Not gcc 2.95 per se. RedHat 6.0's "gcc" softlink comes from the
> egcs-1.1.2-12 RPM; Mandrake 6.0's "gcc" link comes from the
> pgcc-1.1.3-3mdk RPM. IIRRC, gcc 2.95 has egcs 1.1.2 merged in (but I
> am not sure what, if anything, gcc 2.95 has done regarding pgcc).

gcc-2.95 is egcs-1.1.2 + assorted patches. It is just it's descendant. pgcc
includes Pentium-specific patches that aren't acceptable to the gcc folks
(for various reasons). pgcc-1.1.2 is another offshot of egcs-1.1.2,


> I'm now deciding between trying to compile under different versions
> of gcc, or (following Mike Galbraith's suggestion) using ikd and
> enabling memleak. I'm open to advice regarding the pain/benefit
> ratio of either course.

The safest bet would be gcc-2.95. IKD might change stuff enough to make the
bug go into hiding... and with a non-standard compiler you'd never know who
the final culprit was, anyway. BTW, it isn't necesarily the kernel who is to
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