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    SubjectRe: Frame Relay generic driver
    Gergely Madarasz wrote:
    : > I think it is possible even without a rewrite of syncppp.c. The
    : > slaves should be generated on the fly using some ioctl (which gets
    : > a PVC #, and returns the slave name, for example). And of course some
    : > ioctl for deleting the slave, and one for seting a link-protocol
    : > (maybe we should delete SPPPIOCCISCO and SPPPIOCPPP and make one
    : > ioctl with a parameter for setting the link-level protocol).
    : Something like that should be ok. Btw I'll soon be submitting the comx
    : drivers to the kernel, they need no ioctl's at all, everything is set up
    : thru the /proc filesystem (echo ppp >/proc/comx/comx0/protocol), i quite
    : like this idea (it wasn't written by me, but the previus maintainer).
    Is commx tied to syncppp.c somewhat? Or it is another implementation
    of syncppp/cisco/FR? I would like to see the code.

    BTW, the idea of using /proc is neat, but think about dedicated
    routers witout any /proc. I one time thought about the following:

    cat /etc/cosa/cs8.hex >/proc/cosa/cosa0/firmware
    echo start 0x400 >/proc/cosa/cosa0/command

    But I did not implement this because there can be small routers
    without /proc.

    : I'd be glad to help. The comx drivers frame-relay code (which I
    : maintain, and support since february, I haven't done much with it
    : though) needs a bit of redesign, since it is tied to the hardware drivers
    : much more than it needs to be.

    You are welcome. I think we should do some design issues and
    then start coding or adapting the existing software.


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    The new code base has not stabilized enough yet for benchmarking. Be patient,
    we'll be sure to delay NT5's release a bit, trust me... (DaveM)

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