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SubjectRe: Frame Relay generic driver
On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Jan Kasprzak wrote:

> Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
> : Jan Kasprzak <> writes:
> :
> : > did you make any progress with it?
> :
> : Not in the real code yet. I have the docs now, and the task seems to be
> : not very hard to write. In fact, integrating FR with the rest of kernel
> : _the_right_way_ seems to be harder.
> Yep.

I already thought a bit about it, I don't think it should be that hard.

> : I think syncppp.c should be rewritten a little. Then there would be a place
> : for one master device (used for PPP/Cisco/LMI interface), and for slaves
> : for each PVC.
> I think it is possible even without a rewrite of syncppp.c. The
> slaves should be generated on the fly using some ioctl (which gets
> a PVC #, and returns the slave name, for example). And of course some
> ioctl for deleting the slave, and one for seting a link-protocol
> (maybe we should delete SPPPIOCCISCO and SPPPIOCPPP and make one
> ioctl with a parameter for setting the link-level protocol).

Something like that should be ok. Btw I'll soon be submitting the comx
drivers to the kernel, they need no ioctl's at all, everything is set up
thru the /proc filesystem (echo ppp >/proc/comx/comx0/protocol), i quite
like this idea (it wasn't written by me, but the previus maintainer).

> : I have a month of free time now, so I expect to have it done, after all
> : design issues are resolved.
> I am ready to help you with the design, testing and maybe some
> coding (not much, because I don't have lots of free time, but some).
> I can even provide space at the listserver for a
> mailing list, and the CVS at

I'd be glad to help. The comx drivers frame-relay code (which I
maintain, and support since february, I haven't done much with it
though) needs a bit of redesign, since it is tied to the hardware drivers
much more than it needs to be.

Madarasz Gergely
It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.
Egy pingvinre gyakorlatilag lehetetlen haragosan nezni.

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