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    SubjectRe: LINUX
    On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Jonathan Walther wrote:

    >My method, matching the Sender: header or whicher is appropriate to the
    >list, is still superior.

    You are arguing that your method is superior, when my method has
    not lost a single Linux kernel message in 2 years since I've been
    on the list. Pointless...

    >It is cleaner and easier to understand, and doesn't depend on
    >mysterious macros.

    There is nothing mysterious about the macro at all. Read the

    >I notice your macro doesn't handle "Sender:" fields.

    It is not my macro. It is built into procmail. Someone
    suggested that I use it, as it works well, and after I discovered
    it, I tried it out on several mailing lists for which I could not
    get every single message to filter properly, and the TO macro did
    it perfectly.

    >* ^Sender:.*

    Good for you.

    Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
    Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

    Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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