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    SubjectRe: Linux versioning scheme
    Brian <> writes:

    > Coudln't the "incomplete or experiemental" sections of 2.2.x kernels
    > already be considered Beta? I mean, I think the beta channel already
    > exists in the current versioning system.
    > brian

    That is good for identifying which parts of the linux kernel are beta
    ( or alpha quality). I am talking about a stamp of approval
    from the kernel developers for the overall kernel. Right
    now there are only 2 labels -- Development and Stable. I am
    taking about refining it a bit more-- development, beta and
    stable. At least with the 2.2 series, I think distribution makers
    (Redhat, Suse, and possibly others) jumped in too early. At
    the risk of sounding bureaucratic, let me suggest a scheme.
    I think we should wait for x days ( a week, 10 days pick
    your choice) before a beta version is declared stable.

    Of course, you can argue that users can a set a rule for
    themselves. It just make the life of users a little easier
    if the software itself gives more information about its quality.


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