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    SubjectRe: Linux versioning scheme
    On 22 Jun 1999, Ramana Juvvadi wrote:

    > Development --- kernel developers only
    > Beta --- Adventorous users only
    > Stable -- No serious bug reported in the past x days

    I think by labelling some development branch versions as suitable for use
    by adventurous users the 'beta' goal could be achieved. 'Suitable,'
    meaning unlikely to cause permanent damage to your system. This would
    also have the added benefit of giving wider testing in the development
    branch, without having to maintain three codebases. Interesting idea
    though. We may see the objective of getting fresher code into the hands
    of the adventurous happening anyway with the soon-ish release of 2.4.



    EF D8 33 68 B3 E3 E9 D2 C1 3E 51 22 8A AA 7B 98 umbra (!)

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