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SubjectRe: RAM disk question
Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 17:50:45 +0300
> From: Constantine Gavrilov <const-g@Orbotech.COM>
> 1) Is it true that one cannot change the default ramdisk size
> without changing the source code if ramdisk was compiled as
> module? (The ramdisk_size boot parameter does not seem to work
> in this case).
> If you load the ram disk as a module, then you have to to change the
> default ramdisk size, you need to set the module rd_size.
> - Ted

I tried `modprobe rd rd_size=8192' and got:

/lib/modules/2.2.6/block/rd.o: invalid parameter rd_size

You ment changing the value of rd_size in drivers/block/rd.c, did you not?
How difficult would it be making it a module parameter? Does not kernel/setup.c,
kernel/head.S use this value?

Constantine Gavrilov
Unix System Administrator and Programmer
Yavne 81102, Israel
Phone: (972-8)-942-3064
Fax: (972-8)-942-3800

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