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SubjectRAM disk question
1) Is it true that one cannot change the default ramdisk size
without changing the source code if ramdisk was compiled as
module? (The ramdisk_size boot parameter does not seem to work
in this case).

2) How do I free the ramdisk? Does kernel do it automatically?
If so, what are the conditions for this? And what would be the
consequences in the case of a large RAM disks (~100 MB)?

There is in example of an old freeramdisk program which does smth


Will it do the job? Will it work on arbitrary ramdisk size?

Please CC me if you reply to the list.


Constantine Gavrilov
Unix System Administrator and Programmer
Yavne 81102, Israel
Phone: (972-8)-942-3064
Fax: (972-8)-942-3800

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