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SubjectCDROM ioctl errors in 2.0.36
Every time I use KDE's CD player, my system is constantly giving
CDROM errors every time I use the CD for anything else.

Scenario: I run KDE, use the CD player to play an audio CD. If
I eject the CD with the program, or with the actual button, I end
up getting a stream of errors printed on my console. The only
way to stop this is to put an AUDIO CD into the thing. I'm
assuming that KDE's CD player is the thing that needs repair
here. Nonetheless, it is annoying that a user mode program can
dump tonnes of error messages to my console, as WELL as my
syslog, which IMHO opens the doors for DoS attacks.

If this is a kernel issue, let me know how to fix it. If it is
an application issue, how can I fix it at the kernel or syslog
level? I really could not care less if there is no CD in the
CDROM and the CDplayer software insists on telling me that there
is no CD every 5 seconds or whatever - even though I never told
it to look for a CD in the first place...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

The DVORAK keyboard layout RULES! I memorized it in 45 minutes
and I don't think I'm ever going back to QWERTY!

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