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SubjectPCMCIA and sound interference with 2.2.2
Hi there,

strange things happen over here

When compiling the 2.2.2 for the second time cause sound was not satisfing the first time
(could hear beeps, I thought to be interupts or sth like that), so I decided to recompile
it this time with sound as modules, but I forgot to add the pcmcia stuff, so when I rebooted
the following things happened:

1. sound worked fine, although no modules are around (lsmod)
(sound is autodetected somewhere in during booting (dmesg showed me this)

2. pcmcia was dead, so I copied the old modules/2.2.2/pcmcia to the new directory and
started the pcmcia.

sound got louder and the beeps were back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just no clue what happens here, and how I can manage this (3weeks of Linux is just
not enough :-) )...

more info: pcmcia is version 3.0.9
I played a wav file with play

someone gets what's the problem here

could you send the answers directly to my e-mail address,
I'm not on the kernel mailinglist anymore (200 mails a day are toooo much)

thanks alot in advance


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