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Subjectdrivers between net-device and char-device
I am assigned (a dream coming true!) the task of writing a device-driver
for a bitbus board. The hardware developer is willing to support me as
well as a guy who wrote the driver for NT.

I read Alessandro's LINUX DEVICE DRIVERS, did not understand everything
and started coding.

The bitbus (anybody know it?) is a packet-oriented thing very much like
RS 485. Plus it has a protocol on top like IP. For better usability the
vendor of the micro-OS we use added another protocol on top of that like

Now, if I wanted to do it RIGHT (in the sence of perfect) I would need
to implement the two protocol layers for the Linux-Kernel and a
net-device-driver for the board, right?

I know that this would be to big a step. Since I want to get somewhere
soon I thought that I first do it as a simple char-device.

But since I have packages anyway, I started to use the ne.c source as a
start. Everything seems to fit well, but I can not use the
ethernet-structure in my char-driver because that would mean that I need
any type of protocol, right? So I got stuck inbetween a net and a char
device. Is there a way to use net-structures without protocols in

And a general question: I do have problems understanding some concepts
in drivers. Is this list the right place to ask?

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