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SubjectRe: breaking the 2Gigabyte limit on 32 bit arch of inode->i_size (off_t vs loff_t)
On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> Andrea, have a look at:
>Essentially I just pushed ahead and used loff_t.

I seen now. But I don't agree in some point with your code.

As first I don't agree with the page->offset long long (and if I remeber
well also Linus said the same), because in the page->offset we just have
12 wasted bits (ignoring the swap cache entries that can be changed). So
instead of adding new 32bits we should start using the 12 bits we are
currently wasting.

And I don't think it worth to allow mmap on the high part of the file.

Your code also showed me that the changes to handle 2gigabyte are more
invasive of what I thought, maybe we are too much near to an ia-64 to
expect that the kernel will change this way to handle 2gigbyte files on
ia-32. I really don't know...


Andrea Arcangeli

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