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    SubjectRe: Video CD on Linux kernel 2.2
    On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > > I heard that there's a block size problem of CDROM-XA sectors (they are
    > > > 2324 bytes long), but I hope that transparent access to the video tracks
    > > > under Linux kernel 2.2 is possible.
    > > Well win95 can do it so I dont see why linux cant do it better.
    > You can arrange to do this with Linux. Take a look at the usermode
    > nfs<->userfilesystem stuff. NFS is actually a much better protocol for local
    > user mode file systems, as it does parallel requests, keeps context in easy
    > to control handles and does caching kernel side.

    I think the big attraction to the userfs solution was that the protocol
    was very simple and it was trivial to add new filesystems. From what I
    recall NFS isnt exactly a trivial protocol and people doing nfs<->userfs
    could find it rather intimidating and confusing.

    In the CDROM-XA situation though, its probably better to add support for
    it in the ISO9660 driver directly as it doesnt require a new filesystem,
    just detect Mode2 sectors and deal with them properly.


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