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SubjectRe: Video CD on Linux kernel 2.2
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>> was very simple and it was trivial to add new filesystems. From what I
>> recall NFS isnt exactly a trivial protocol and people doing nfs<->userfs
>NFS is pretty trivial and stuff exists already for this, so you aren't
>going from scratch. if anything its cleaner than userfs was

It is until you have very stateful filesystems. Then you have to have
persistent storage somewhere that tells you what the heck you were
thinking of last time you created a filehandle. You end up doing a table
lookup, dispatch, and possibly a copy on every incoming packet. You never
know when a client has finished with a file.

All of the problems with the user-space NFS server should be sufficient
evidence that NFS is limited at best as an abstraction for arbitrary

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