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SubjectAMI megaraid driver 0.96 release
Many changes were made since the last update.  Logical drives now show
up as luns to upper layer, so Probe Multiple Luns must be enabled to detect
more than one array. Previously, issuing multiple commands simultaneously
was not fully implemented... there is now a #define MULTI_IO which can be
set to 1 to enable fully parallel io which may improve performance (I
done any benchmarks yet). I still set MULTI_IO to 0 by default because even
though it worked stably on one system I tested under, another one was having
problems (locks after about 20 minutes of heavy io with no error messages).
Some other minor performance/stability enhancements were also made.
Any testing or benchmarks done with MULTI_IO enabled especially appreciated.

Also, there will very soon be a megamgr utility released for dynamically
of the drives. This will use the slang library and look similar to the
Ctrl-M utility from


Jeff L Jones <>
RAID SW Dev., American Megatrends Inc.

<<megaraid.c>> <<megaraid.h>>

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