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SubjectRe: "invalid parameter parm_io" when trying to "modprobe -k sound"
On Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:52:20 -0200, 
Rogerio Brito <> wrote:
> 1 - include the current alias defaults in the depmod manpage
> (I had to do strings /sbin/depmod to learn the defaults of
> some things). If you think this is not a very good idea
> (so you have to update the manpage all the time), could
> you please consider giving depmod a new command line
> option so that it dumps its current aliases/defaults so
> the user can see what they are);

Already there, modprobe -c. You are looking at the wrong program.
depmod only builds the inter-module dependency list, modprobe reads the
options, load the modules and applies the options.

> 2 - include a sample of a configuration that works (I don't
> know if the preferred thing here would be to include such
> configuration in the kernel docs or in the modutils docs
> or in both places). Here is what I'm using here at home
> now:

modutils is a generic tool. It is up to each user of modutils to
specify the options required for their product. There should be
working examples for sound, ppp, isdn, serial, pcmcia etc., but those
have to be written by the authors of each component. This
documentation exists to some extent, search the linux/Documentation
subtree and all README files under linux/.

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