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    SubjectRe: GPF + Oops in 2.2.0-pre4
    The motherboard is a TMC TI5VG+.  I'm pleased with it on most respects.
    It's this one issue where I've had problems. Several emails to them
    have elicited no response.

    On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Andre M. Hedrick wrote:

    > On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Thomas Molina wrote:
    > > The really frustrating part of all this is that the BIOS makers and
    > > motherboard manufacturers seem to be non-responsive on this issue. My
    > > attempts to email the responsible organizations have elicited either no
    > > response, or unhelpful responses. The prevailing attitude seems to be,
    > > "It works for Windows, so we don't care."
    > Name the 'motherboard manufacturers' so we all can avoid hardware that is
    > no-nwork-aroundable.

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