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Subject[OFFTOPIC] Re: kernel mirrors behavior changed

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Kyle Rose wrote:

> > Bull. Use normal FTP. And why on the Earth do you need to download
> > from DOS, anyway?
> > > language to the upcomming linux masses, not somebody with 5-10 years of
> > > unix administration experience.
> > Huh??? *PLONK*
> No offense, Alex, but this is exactly the kind of attitude that annoys
> newbies about Linux.
You know, constant references to 5-10 years of UNIX SA experience
allegedly needed just to {use FTP|RTFM|use shell|use vi|use EMACS|use
patch|whatever} tend to annoy. Badly. Oh, and reference to "upcomming(sic)
linux masses" in such context also doesn't amuse.

> A simple "Netscape has a strange behavior that causes
> it to gunzip .gz files sent with a particular mime type, but forgets to take
> the .gz off the extension, so use command line ftp or simply rename the file
> from foo.gz to foo" would have been more productive.
> Jeff, I know exactly what you're talking about -- Navigator for Linux used to
> do the exact same thing to me, when I was running 4.0x. Now that I'm running
> 4.5, the behavior seems to have disappeared... but I'll still be thankful for
> a stable, complete, *bloat-free* Mozilla release. Hey, maybe even
> Communicator 5 will be decent. Uh-oh, what have I been smoking... =)
Whatever it is, could you share? Seems to be really strong stuff.

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