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SubjectRe: kernel mirrors behavior changed
>         Bull. Use normal FTP. And why on the Earth do you need to download
> from DOS, anyway?


> > language to the upcomming linux masses, not somebody with 5-10 years of
> > unix administration experience.
> Huh??? *PLONK*

No offense, Alex, but this is exactly the kind of attitude that annoys
newbies about Linux. A simple "Netscape has a strange behavior that causes
it to gunzip .gz files sent with a particular mime type, but forgets to take
the .gz off the extension, so use command line ftp or simply rename the file
from foo.gz to foo" would have been more productive.

Jeff, I know exactly what you're talking about -- Navigator for Linux used to
do the exact same thing to me, when I was running 4.0x. Now that I'm running
4.5, the behavior seems to have disappeared... but I'll still be thankful for
a stable, complete, *bloat-free* Mozilla release. Hey, maybe even
Communicator 5 will be decent. Uh-oh, what have I been smoking... =)

Incidentally, I'm not really sure the kernel mailing list is the correct
forum for a question of this nature. In the future, one of the
comp.os.linux.* newsgroups might serve your needs better. But I hope this
helps, anyway.


Kyle R. Rose "They can try to bind our arms,
Laboratory for Computer Science but they cannot chain our
MIT NE43-309, 617-253-5883 minds or hearts..." Stratovarius Forever Free

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