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SubjectRe: ZIP drive on laptop parport? any success with it?

David Campbell writes:
> > >
> > >Hi, everyone!
> > >
> > >I'm trying to use a Zip drive (via ppa interface linked into the
> > >kernel) on my ASUS laptop (running 2.1.115 ... 2.1.120) with no luck.
> Run "dmesg" and send me a copy of the output. The ppa driver is one of the
> most noisy SCSI drivers (for kernel messages - mostly when it trys to figure
> out the parallel port) but I can't help the fact that the driver has to deal with
> something like 20+ variants of parallel ports (and some people have this idea
> that all parallel ports are equal).

Yeah, if only it would print anything but "ppa version this and that"
and then "scsi: 0 hosts" (my laptop is at home thus can not make
dmesg, sorry...)

> Make sure that you not trying to use the "ZIP Plus" drive as this requires a
> completely different driver (stable but not submitted to Linus due to
> feature/code freeze on the 2.1.x kernel).

That it is! I've got ZIP Plus (hoping to hook it up on scsi sometimes,
if only I would get a cable from my PCMCIA scsi card to that old
horrible 25-pin connector... Must be my mistake...

Thank you for the URLs, I'll try to grab the patches and see if they
work for me. If not I promise to be more specific about messages next
time! :)

> David Campbell


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