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SubjectRe: Build your own Motherboards (was Re: AMD K6 233 Cpu 465 BogoMips??)

On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Alex Buell wrote:
> > Even a more moderate idea (like designing an SMP mainboard for Power PC)
> > can be pretty complex. The thing is it will cost a lot to produce a 6-7
> > levels board. It's not ham radio unfortunately :(
> Yes, but once you've done the design work, it's quite cheap to manufacture
> them. It's the design & development that is the real killer here.

Well the tooling costs alot, so you will have to commit to a certian
fairly large number of units. (i.e. 1000)..

You could perhaps have an easier time adding features to make it a 'geek
board': Say two PPC chips (with cache please :) ), a TMS320C6701 DSP
(@167mhz doing single point it gets 1Gflop!), lotsa digital and analog IO
ports... cool stuff like that, I'd spend $700 on it (providing the PPCs
were reasonably fast)..

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