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SubjectVs: 2.1.110 and newer, SB AWE64
>On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Mikko Hyvärinen wrote:
>> - /etc/conf.modules contains the settings for module sb, as given below
>> - 2.0.xx have _never_ had any trouble with the sound card
>You know about changing 'dma=1,5' to 'dma=1, dma16=5', though, right ?

Yup, been using it all the time with 2.1.x. My boot scripts determine the version of the running kernel and automatically copy the corresponding conf.modules version to /etc/conf.modules

>> - the processor has run at 225MHz for 10 months without any problems on 2
>> different motherboards (just to shut up the "don't overclock" people)
>They'll still say it could easily be overclocking. If you want to 'shut them
>up', dont overclock and redo the test. Or perhaps test under w95 while
>loading something huge into memory AND running rc5 will satisfy them ;-)

I won't do that unless Linus, Alan or Hannu gives me a good explanation why a particular piece of the sound code has become sensitive to overclocking during the 2.1.xx developement process.

>But try the above options first, they might be the source of your sound
>problems in all the 2.1 kernels.

I did something else insted:
- defined DEB(x) and DDB(x) to x
- inserted a printk(KERN_DEBUG "sbintr: IMODE_OUTPUT\n"); to the switch-case in sbintr()

What I get is loads of the following sequence:
sound_write(dev=3, count=16384)
sound_write(dev=3, count=16384)

A sound_write() call followed by four sbintr() calls, until it hangs. When it hangs, it hangs after the first sbintr() following a sound_write()

I have a few megs of syslogs with this sequence.

Any ideas, anyone?

-Mikko Hyvärinen

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