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SubjectDifferences in IP-Aliasing between 2.0.x and 2.1.x

we have a configuration, where a server is accessed only by its
"virtual" IP-Interface
eth0:0 we set up using the IP aliasing feature of the kernel. This works
fine in both 2.0.x and
2.1.x ! However, there are some differences, I don´t understand and I
found nearly nothing in
the documentation. Under 2.0.x I do an "ifconfig -a" and all interfaces
are displayed, under
2.1.x only the main interface eth0 appears, I have to do an explicit
"ifconfig eth0:0" to see
the parameters of the interface.
Under 2.0.x it was possible to set up an interface with status "down"
and enabling it with "ifconfig eth0:0 up", this is no longer possible
with 2.1.x, I have to set up the interface with full IP address.
A netstat no longer displays the alias name, in the IFace field of the
routing table, there´s
always the main interface eth0, so it´s hard to distinguish between the
two interfaces, if there
are different routings for them.
We also set up an automounter for home directories of our users. In
2.0.x the automounter
recognizes, that the virtual interface is in fact the local machine and
creates a link instead
of a NFS mount. The 2.1.x behaves different and this is a real pain,
since I know about the
unreliability of the autofs code in 2.0.x, one should really use 2.1.11x
but I also need this
feature since I don´t want local directories accessed via NFS.

Sorry, if this is the wrong list for asking these questions, but I don´t
know a better one.


Dr. Patrick Frisch
A.I.S. GmbH, Wasserstr. 219, 44799 Bochum
Tel.: 0234/9734-542

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