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    Subject2.1.110 and newer, SB AWE64
    Hello all.

    Problem: If I try to play a sound with my SB AWE64 card under Linux 2.1.110 or newer kernels, the machine hangs completely after about 2 seconds. 2.1.119 has brought some alleviation to this problem, I once got over 10 seconds of audio before the machine hung.

    Description of the hang:
    Nothing moves, not even the keyboard lights. SysRq doesn't work. Resetting or power cycling the machine are the only things that make a difference.

    Description of hardware:
    - FIC PA-2012 rev. 1.12 motherboard, VIA Apollo VP3 chipset with 1MB cache
    - 96MB (3 x 32MB) 66MHz SDRAM, identical DIMMs
    - Intel Pentium 200MMX running at 3 x 75MHz (225Mhz)
    - Matrox Millennium II 4MB AGP
    - Creative SB AWE64 Value Edition
    No other expansion cards are present. Do I need to tell more about this machine?

    Description of software:
    - Linux kernels 2.1.110 - 2.1.119, tested all of them. Note: 2.1.xx sound support has never (since .43, my first dev kernel) worked for me
    - Sound support compiled as modules and loaded with
    /sbin/modprobe sound
    /sbin/modprobe sb
    - /etc/conf.modules contains the settings for module sb, as given below
    - no matter what program is used to send data to /dev/dsp, it hangs. tried with x11amp, mpg123, sox and even dd, both under X and in console mode

    The sound card is configured for base 220, irq 5, dma 1/5, mpu base 330 by isapnputils. The same isapnp.conf is used when booting to 2.0.35 and it works fine. I have tried other settings (not overlapping with other devices) too with the same results.

    Some points to consider:
    - the sound card doesn't show up in the Card config section of /dev/sndstat but all the associated devices are there
    - the audio quality is superb until it hangs - so I get to hear the first couple of seconds of an MP3 before the hang
    - the processor has run at 225MHz for 10 months without any problems on 2 different motherboards (just to shut up the "don't overclock" people)
    - other operating systems (Win95, NT Workstation & Server 4.0) all work fine, including sound support using the same hardware settings
    - 2.0.xx have _never_ had any trouble with the sound card
    - there are no hardware base address, dma or irq conflicts (I always keep track of base/irq/dma resources by hand when adding/removing hardware)
    - I haven't even tried the MIDI support nor loaded the modules, although I've enabled and compiled them as modules
    - This has no relation to using the floppy drive simultaenously - it hangs either way

    Any and all constructive comments are welcome.

    -Mikko Hyvärinen

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